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Madame Einzige: Amor Fati
A Philosophical Cyberpunk novel
Written by Ismael Sarepta)

The Dystopian Nightmare of Mass Network Surveillance;
The Great Game renewed in Russia’s Central Asian Oil Sandbox;
A Police-State Survivalist turned Cypherpunk antiheroine;
…And the War over the Master Switch of the Internet.

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* * * * *

We live in an age of illusionary freedom  where choice is reduced to the brand name, where the Corporation has taken the place of the Feudal Lord, where the wage has replaced indentured slavery in nothing but name.

Technology has enabled the greatest capacity for individual empowerment and freedom… but also for collective enslavement and totalitarianism. The Fate of Technology is still yet to prove itself to us: is this finally the age of mass human emancipation from the historically oppressive Machinery of the State?  or, is this one big experiment in mass population control, only to usher in the Final Dystopian End of the Species?

It will be us  through both our action and inaction  who will be doing the proving. It will be us who are only to blame.

The State is a Technology  Beginning with the first clay tablets through to modern mass networking systems; the bronze sword through to inter-continental ballistic nuclear missiles  Technology has perpetually made, un-made, and re-made THE STATE into what is now the strongest it has ever been in our Species’ history… and yet, also the subtlest.

But be not fooled by its subtlety, Denizens of the 3rd Millennium: the State has taken over the entire globe

Claimed, is every inch of land, every conceivable idea, all of Nature
Conquered, is every venture, every exchange, every human being
Occupied, is every society, every community, every household

We have been branded subjects  ‘CITIZEN’ of a SOCIAL CONTRACT that none of us have signed  vassals this faceless, nameless, technological Frankenstein, emerging out of this unwitting aggregate of our own collective doings: the State.

And yet, many of us have learned to imitate and to love our Stately conquerors; whilst more are being trampled under its boot; and even fewer of us have become shareholders of the State. And yet, the State continues to grow — sinking its mechanical tendrils into cyberspace, the human gene code, the brain, and into the very fabric of space-time itself.

Unintended consequences…

- Madame Einzige

* * * * * * *

Denizens of the 3rd Millennium!  The Police State is rising! The Surveillance Panopticon is already here! Sensationalism and Yellow-Journalism have become the medium that is the message!

How they FOOL you with the despair of fatalistic conspiracy-thinking, disarming you of humanity’s inherent Strength of Will! How they GUILT you for your inner yearnings for independence, freedom, and to LIVE this rare gift that is your own LIFE!

And Scapegoats and Strawmen they point you to  in order to control you: in order to control the enforcers who profile you.

Today, these Scapegoats and Strawmen take the face of the “Terrorist”; tomorrow, it will be the “Drug Lord”; next week, “the Hacker”.

Will we allow the State to distort the shape of its dissidence, in order to demonize ALL opposition?

Will we allow the State to exaggerate two-bit thugs into a greater threat than the immanent Malthusian Collapse of the Biosphere, or the threat the State itself poses to humanity?

Be not fooled by the State’s fake White Knight Complex.

* * * * * *

Denizens of the 3rd Millennium!

To what is your dissent and boycott, against the Corporate Dynasties that fuel the State’s machinery?

To what is Jefferson’s maxim, “a well-armed populace is the best defense against tyranny”, against the Standing Army and the Militarization of the Police?

To what is the personal firearm against the Remote-Controlled Unmanned Army and Nuclear Weapons?

To what are your freedom of assembly and free speech, against Data-Mining Spyders that crawl the Computing Clouds and surveillance systems, collecting every detail about you?

 How much faster must We run to keep up with this Red Queen of State Omnipotence? How much longer until this technological arms race between Individual Freedoms and State Power bursts? Is an endless terror better than a terrible end?

If and only if the pen is still mightier than the sword, then the keyboard is mightier than the SWAT team, the Drone, and the ICBM combined. The well armed militias of the future are equipped not with firearms and explosives, but with hacker rootkits and ciphers.

By tragic consequence of Technology’s Fate, shall we finally learn this: that Freedom is not about entitlement  that Freedom is not about asking for permission or assuming permission for that which Nature has already imbued into our very genetic code  the very life-principle that has made our species the fittest to survive and flourish in the first place!
We shall learn this: that Freedom, in truth,is about empowerment —- that Freedom is about sublimating ourselves — that Freedom is about seizing it.

Madame Einzige, amidst the ruins (by Priya Johal)

The Technological Singularity Apocalypse is upon us — helmed by its False Messiah, BIG BROTHER disguised as PROGRESS, and his BABYLON THE GREAT that is the RED QUEEN of STATE OMNIPOTENCE— each born unwittingly of humanity’s neglect, hubris, apathy, and indulgence. And I, Madame Einzige, the screaming German Cassandra — am I the only one to bear witness to it!? I have seen the horrific Dystopia that was Nazism and the STASI State — am I to also silently witness the rise of the Automated Dystopia?

…Nihil est incertius vulgo, nihil obscurius voluntate hominum, nihil fallacius ratione tota comitiorum; 

Ich hab’ Mein Sach’ auf Nichts gestellt…

 - Madame Einzige



Central Asia, 2033 — The Eurasian Federation (EAF), a newly established super-state, is proclaimed in Moscow, vowing to restore the glory that was once Russia’s Tsarist and Soviet legacy. Under the rhetoric of “democracy” and “mutual protection against Western imperial interests”, puppet-states of fragile, oil-rich Central Asian nations are annexed into the new Eurasian Federation. Rebellions and insurgencies quickly break out across Central Asia, inspired by the Arab Spring years earlier, and eked on by cyber-revolutionaries and foreign agent-provocateurs…

However, in the aftermath of bloody lessons from Egypt, Libya, and Syria, a new multi-trillion dollar industry has emerged in cyber-security, mass network surveillance, digital censorship, and unmanned automated armies. Its architects are foreign companies secretly subsidiary to Silicon Valley corporations eager to cash in on Big Brother; they have been contracted to Eurasia in order to engineer a new state-wide surveillance model based off Cloud-Computing, enabling Eurasia total digital control within its borders — ushering in a new, and very real Dystopian Nightmare of the Information Age.

Madame Einzige, a subversive Nietzsche-esque Cypherpunk anti-heroine, is thrust onto the Central Asian killing fields of revolution and counter-revolution, in search of a nihilistic hacker-Magus — a former elite of the Iranian cyber-army — who has allegedly been kidnapped and recruited by the CIA…


Selected Reviews:

"Socially critical, existential, bombastic, harsh, Cyberpunk. It’s The Ego and Its Own meets Neuromancer.”
Rachel Haywire, Author of Acidexia, Founder of Extreme Futurist Festival

"A cyberpunk tale of war-yet-to-be… extends beyond its fractured future world… not just speculative slice of fiction, but a probing philosophical journey across human history."
MRDA, Blogger at MRDA’s Inferno

"A hacker meditation on heroic nihilism of nonhuman rustregimes versus antihuman internet maldororim… a prophetic ‘destroy the world to save it’…" 
Robert Bisno, Author of Raberata

Available At:
Amazon (Paperback) | Amazon Kindle (E-book) | SmashWords (DRM-free E-book) | Barnes and Noble (E-book) | Kobo (E-Book [DRM-free])

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